Thursday, March 30, 2017
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39th Annual National Convention

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President's Message

Message to PICPA

It is a great privilege in behalf of the Government Association of Certified Public Accountants to convey warmest greetings to the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountant.

For decades the numbers of Accountants have been rapidly growing.  Our accomplishments have been a great help in nation building.  Our profession evolves when commerce started.  We have been playing a vital role in stabilizing economy.  As of today, alongside with the fast paced development of technology, we have been able to keep abreast of modernization.  We have now tools to make sound management decisions.  We have been more efficient.  Let us all elevate our profession to take up a notch for nation building for the future of this generation and the next.

PICPA since its inception was a pillar in the accountancy profession.  In coordination with the Board of Accountancy, it strengthens and boosts the profession raising the accounting and auditing standards to a very high level of excellence.  The theme “Level Up, Build the Future” is timely in support to the trailblazing efforts of the organization.  We must be proud, Philippine Accountants can hold its own in competition with other accountants in other nation.

Accountancy profession as one of the cornerstone of nation building, the Philippines will always be a great Nation!


Government Association of Certified Public Accountants


BOA Programs & Projects

Following are the latest programs of BOA plus information on the MOEHO Awards. The deadline for submission of the forms/documents is on July 15., 2016.

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