Sunday, April 19, 2015
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37th Annual National Convention

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GACPA 37th ANC Message

Once again, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Government are gathering for the 37th Annual National Convention in Davao City. This year’s theme “GACPA LEADS, EXCELS, and ADHERES TO PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS“ is indeed not only timely, but very relevant.  Nowadays, in the field of accounting and auditing, professional standards, rules and code of ethics must be aligned with global standards. These norms provide our accountants a culture of excellence so that they could develop strong values of commitment, rationality, expertise and responsibility, making them at par with other CPAs worldwide. Therefore, it behooves upon our CPAs in the government service to commit themselves toward a higher level of competence in their field of expertise and strict adherence to the code of conduct, and in this regard, uphold ethical values, ethical awareness and ethical competency.

This 3-day Convention workshop-seminar will ensure continuity of our desire to provide professional growth and development to all GACPA members supplementing our regular seminar courses. With a retinue of guest speakers who are experts in their own fields, it is hoped that this Convention will instill an internal culture of  quality among our CPAs in performing accountancy work.

Hand in hand, let us all contribute to the success of this Convention as well as to the goals of GACPA. With God in our side, we will make it happen!


Executive Vice-President   
Chairperson- GACPA 37th ANC

Incoming President's Message

It is the time of year once again that we honor the nobility of our profession, a good time to look back at the journey we have made and celebrate what we have accomplished individually and as an organization. This time is likewise an opportunity to “sharpen our saw” in order to maintain the high standards and expertise we have set for our profession.

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